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Cleaning Services Dubai and UAE

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Unfortunately, with the busy schedules we keep and never-ending load of personal and professional responsibilities piled onto our plates, it’s no wonder few of us have the chance to spend the hours it will take to make our home shine. With justEZI’s Cleaning Services Dubai and UAE, your home can stay clean without having to lift a finger.

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Post Construction Cleaning Services

Construction projects are prone to leaving behind small accumulations of dust, unused hardware, and general construction debris, regardless of how diligent your clean-up procedure is. justEZI’s professional post-construction cleaning targets every small detail to ensure every inch of your job site sparkles.

Move In/Move Out Cleaning

When managing rental homes and units, conducting move in and move out cleanings to prepare for new tenants is an inevitable task. To prepare a home for new tenants, a deep-cleaning must be conducted to ensure each corner, cabinet, and counter-top is sparkling. Leave it to professional move in/move out cleaners to detail and deep steam the interior of your next available rental.

Steam Cleaning Best Services in Dubai and UAE

Steam cleaning services Dubai is perfect for carpets, rugs, and general upholstery. Allow us to remove the stains and odors from your home’s fabric to promote a cleaner, healthier living environment.

Marble Polishing Service Dubai

Incorporating marble into your home creates an attitude of timeless luxury. Protect your investment with professional Marble Polishing, which helps to prolong the life and beauty of your home’s marble.

Upholstery Cleaning Services Dubai

Next to flooring, upholstery is the most heavily used furnishing in your home. As such, it is not uncommon for chairs, sofas, and the like to collect soil build-up over time. Our professional upholstery cleaners use industry secrets to remove dirt and grime from your upholstery, leaving your home cleaner than you ever thought possible.

Commercial Cleaning Services Dubai and UAE

With the bustle of daily business, who can find time to deep clean their commercial space? Our commercial cleaning services Dubai are led by industry experts with professional experience cleaning offices, retail stores, and other commercial locations. Remember, a clean work space results in more productive employees.

Schools and Nurseries

Young children deserve the best living and playing space they can get. Unfortunately, after a fun filled day playing both out and inside, children are also the primary method of transportation for germs and dirt. Keeping your school or nursery as clean as possible is the first step in preventing child sickness and promoting a fun, care-free learning space.

Yacht and Boat Cleaning Services Dubai

Yachts and boats are excellent places to relax and enjoy some time to yourself. However, the many small spaces and hard-to-reach corners found in most boats can be difficult to clean. Allow a professional to find and remove any dust, dirt, and grime that may have accumulated since (or during) your last voyage.

External Building Cleaning Services in Dubai

Even in the nicest weather, accumulations of dust, grime, and debris are likely to accumulate around your building or home. Our external Cleaning Services Dubai puts your mind at ease by targeting troubled areas such as windows, storm drains, and curbs to ensure the outside of your building is just as clean as the inside.

Car Park Cleaning Service

The daily use of roads, Parking Structures, and Parking Lots causes inevitable asphalt deterioration. As the asphalt in your parking area begins to wear, it becomes more susceptible to harboring unwanted debris and dirt. Keep your Parking area clean with our professional car park cleaning service in Dubai.

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