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Electrical wiring is considered the heart of your home’s appliances, outlets, and switches. While a working electrical system adds comfort and convenience to a home, a dysfunctional electrician services system can be annoying and dangerous. Whether you are in need of a professional electrician to troubleshoot existing electrical issues, install new devises, or simply run some preventive maintenance checks, our team of certified electricians is ready to help. Because the NEC (international electrical code) offices require that all electrical work is conducted by a licensed professional, working with a certified electrician is essential for your home’s safety and electrical integrity.

Residential Best Electrician Services Dubai :

 Electricity runs essentially everything in your home; it keeps your food cold and your rooms lit at night. If you have noticed flickering lights, faulty devices, or hear electrical humming from inside the walls, it is time to contact our team. Some of the residential electrician services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi we provide include:

Electrical Troubleshooting: Are you certain there is an electrical malfunction somewhere in your home, but aren’t sure what the exact problem is, or why it was caused? Our team of professional electrical technicians use years of industry knowledge to locate the root of the issue and advise you on the correct way to proceed.

Electrical Repairs: If you already know the cause of your electrical issue, or have already had one of our technicians out to troubleshoot, the next step is to complete your electrical repairs safely. We are happy to repair electrical outlets, switches, breakers, and lighting in a timely and safe manner.

Electrical Upgrades: Upgrading light fixtures, devices, and electrical panels on a scheduled basis is an excellent way to prevent electrical failures and malfunctions in the future.  If you suspect your home is ready for upgraded electrical devices or an electrical panel, don’t hesitate to contact the JustEZI team.

Commercial electrician services in Dubai:

In a business, maintaining your building in every way possible is an unspoken responsibility. Because the electrical integrity of your building is directly linked to your employee’s safety, ensuring everything in the building is and continues to function properly is essential. Our list of commercial electrical services includes:

Electrical Troubleshooting: in large offices, it is not uncommon for electrical components to die out as a result of overloading or overuse. Our team of professional commercial electrical technicians are experienced working in all types of commercial buildings, including large, conduit filled warehouses to small retail buildings. Whether you need insight as to why a new light fixture will not work, or someone to determine the source of odd electrical noises, it is in your buildings and your employee’s best interests to have a professional assess the situation.

Electrical Repairs: Repairing existing electrical issues in your place of business isn’t only a priority, it’s the law. At the first sign of any electrical distress (including plugs, switches, and breakers), it is essential to call a licensed electrician.

Electrical Upgrades: Upgrading the electrical for your office, warehouse, or storefront adds a contemporary feel and allows for a better lit, electrically sound business. Furthermore, upgrading your electrical system on a regular basis reduces the likelihood of electrical dysfunction in the future.

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