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Facilities Management Companies in UAE

Running a business is difficult enough without having to constantly manage the building and grounds you operate on. For commercial businesses in need of assistance with the overall management of their premises, JustEZI is among the most competitive facilities management companies in UAE. Our team of management professionals is prepared to assess your business’s specific needs, and can tailor generalized management packages accordingly.

Whether your business simply needs management over office products such as copy paper, pens, and computer maintenance, or more complex and comprehensive facility management services Dubai, our team is prepared to handle it so you don’t have to.

Our list of facility management services include, but are not limited to:

Employee Training Programs:

Hiring new employees is always a risk. New employees require on-the-job training to feel entirely comfortable in their roles; as such, JustEZI offers various new hire training services in Dubai. We are able to structure and execute new-employee orientations, on-site training, job-specific classroom education sessions, and more.

Operations Support:

Ensuring your employees have all the tools and information they need to complete their jobs quickly and efficiently can be a full-time job in itself. For businesses that do not have the time or means to conduct in-house operations support, JustEZI offers competitively priced services that work for your business without draining your budget. Our operations support specialists are experienced in project management, purchasing management, and conducting market research. We are also able to use computerized systems to help managers coordinate in-house communication, and offer off-site telecommunications services for companies that are no longer able to accommodate their heavy call volume.

Grounds Management:

Maintaining an office building, retail location, or warehouse can be extremely time consuming. JustEZI understands that most businesses are unable to dedicate precious time to repairing, maintaining, and upgrading their interior facility and surrounding grounds. That’s why our team diligently focuses on facility repairs, installations, and upgrades for you. We are able to contact local contractors to request a quote, coordinate all grounds maintenance, and handle all invoices for one flat fee.

Logistics and Supply

Coordinating the purchasing and receiving of inventory products often requires communicating with multiple agencies, from the manufacturer themselves to the freight lines carrying the goods. As such, logistics and supply is often a team effort to ensure the material you need is delivered in full and on time. JustEZI works with teams of professional purchasing and receiving agents that happily purchase, track, and coordinate deliveries for your business in an efficient and detailed manner to ensure your team is supplied with the right materials on time, every time.

Scheduled Facility Upkeep:

Scheduled facility upkeep is an excellent way for your business to never have to worry about health, lighting, and acoustic needs again. Our experienced facility managers will help your office create an upkeep schedule that includes regular office cleanings, lighting assessment, and company ergonomics to ensure your organization is clean, prepared, and productive regardless of how busy your in-house staff is.

Whatever your specific facilities management services in Dubai needs may be, JustEZI combines industry experience and high-quality customer service to remove the stress of running your facility and free your time for things that matter most. If you don’t see the specific facilities management service you need listed above, don’t hesitate to contact our team for a tailored facilities management package that will perfectly suit your organization.

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