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Do you need help with your German or UK visa application?

Germany and the United Kingdom are two of the most frequently visited areas in all of Europe, Germany & UK Visa application is not an easy task also,. Known for their history, culture, and unique architecture, it’s no wonder they have both become popular locations for individuals and families across the world to not only visit, but relocate to. If you and your family are considering a trip or permanent immigration to U.K. or Germany, contacting the immigration specialists at JustEZI is highly recommended for a smooth UK Visa application.

Regardless of which country you are considering visiting or moving to, obtaining a visa of any kind is often a long, difficult, and occasionally stressful process. Knowing which visa to apply for, which forms to complete, and where your legal information should be submitted can be just as time consuming as completing the forms themselves. Allow our immigration specialists to aid you for UK visa application.

Our Germany and U.K immigration services include:
-Consultation services to help you find the visa most appropriate for your trip or move.

-Submitting official copies of every completed application (and their corresponding status) to you for record-keeping purposes.

-Preparation of legal forms for any and all visas

-Sponsorship acquisition (when applicable)

-Submitting legal applications and visa requests to the appropriate legal entities

-Managing and recording any and all correspondence between the legal point of contact from Germany or the U.K, and sharing all communication with you

-Regular status updates regarding the acceptance/denial of your visa request.

Worker’s Visa

UK visa application For individuals who plan to obtain employment from an established business in the U.K or Germany, a worker’s visa will allow you temporary residence in the country, as well as the right to work as a legal employee.

Visitor’s Visas

Perfect for families or individuals who plan to visit Germany or the U.K for sightseeing and other tourism activities. Starting from UK visa application to your length of stay and trip itinerary will be looked after by our experience immigration consultants.

Student Visas

If you are a high school or college student interested in taking courses in either Germany or the U.K, a student visa is right for you. Student visas will award you the opportunity to live and study within either country on a temporary basis. Proof of acceptance to whichever educational establishment you plan to attend will likely be required and remaining UK visa application process will be on us.

German and U. K. Permanent Resident Visa

Individuals who are interested in parentally residing in Germany or the U.K will be required to obtain a permanent resident visa. This process often requires proof of any criminal records, extensive paperwork, and for UK visa application process may require you to meet with an embassy representative for questioning.  If you are a businessman (or women) with the intent to start a business or make investments during your stay, we highly suggest communicating this to our representatives for a faster application process.

German and U. K. Spouse Visa

Married and engaged couples are able to apply for a spouse visa when one individual is a permanent resident or citizen of either country. Proof of marital status is often required in order to obtain this visa and will help in UK visa application.

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