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Well, we all know with the time things have gone busier and hectic. Family responsibility, job pressure, kid’s education and other bits in life are keeping us really busy and we hardly get anytime for ourselves. Things start going wrong when things popping up for home maintenance or cleaning services or full time maid services or part time maid services or even pest control services. On average every year we deal with over 8 different companies to live peaceful life in house and seriously it’s hard especially when you come across with cowboy suppliers.
Although everyone gives away guarantee of work but not everyone really mean it. Especially when you are getting things done from someone who you have never used in the past and not sure about their capabilities. Moreover, there is no one to give you guarantee that after their work such as pest control services, cleaning services, maid services or any technical services. Whether or not we do need one way or other kind of guarantee and peace of mind that we will not be wasting money and we will get good quality service not only once work is done but after work as well.
Now time has come to use modern technology like mobile Apps, great news to UAE residents that justEZI has introduced very intelligent mobile App which literally gives solution to all your problems straight away. Simply download justEZI App from google play store or Apple Store. Users go to home screen, click on home services and request any services they like. Once request is received, justEZI dedicated team starts contacting 5 top rated partners, ratings given by customers according to service they received, then dedicated team find the best price for you and ask justEZI partner to contact customer directly.
Although partner and client working directly but justEZI still gives their clients’ money back guarantee if in case job is not done as per required standards or not happy with service. It’s very simple now, due to justEZI intelligent mobile App no more searching, calling and negotiating, all will be done as soon as client request service through justEZI App.
justEZI works with over 500 partners and selection of partners goes through very rigorous procedure, most of the partners are ISO certified but if those who are not, in order to be partner with justEZI they have to get ISO certification by end of December 2015. All partners must have proper feedback procedure in place and must have transparent complaint procedure in place too. If justEZI receives any complaint regarding services provided by their partners, it goes through intensive investigation but everything is very much dependent on feedback form client completed once job was done. Not only feedback form allows customers to give feedback about work, but clients can also take pictures and attach to feedback form. At the end simply ask engineer or person who is providing service to sign on the feedback form right on the mobile. Whole this process is there to make sure justEZI clients receive excellent service from partners. justEZI transparent way of working with customers and partners make all working very well.
justEZI is not only dealing with individuals but also deal with several commercial clients such as hotels, school, shops, restaurants etc who not only like the service but they extremely happy to use Intelligent technology. On the commercial side, managers are always annoyed with companies when they do not answer their phones and wait for reports to come through. Whereas, managers can simply go on to justEZI App and see all the reports straight away within their accounts and no need to call us.
Well, it will not be wrong to say that think solution, think justEZI. Only company in UAE which offers over 50 services to the people of UAE.

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