Is it immigration fraud or lack of common sense?

We all know that life is not easy and its very busy, but we always try our best to live quality life or make it as simple as possible. Unfortunately, sometimes instead of making life simple we make it very complicated. Same story with migration to new country, from day one we have been told that immigration to Australia or Immigration to Canada is dead easy but it is not as simple as we are told. Yes correct, immigration is simple as long as you are in right hands, but it can be very complicated if you are in wrong hands.

There are plenty of immigration services provider but not all of them know what they are doing. as long as you use your common sense you will not be victim of immigration fraud. Firstly you should look at relevant country’s immigration website and check the category you are looking to apply for. Secondly, you should check if you achieve required score to qualify for immigration. Once these two things are confirmed, you simply need talented immigration consultant who put your case in front of country’s immigration department in a professional way. Its all matter of months not years, yes sometimes it does take longer than anticipated but still it should not go more than a year though.

if you have proof of all required stuff then its all simple and easy, but if in case you are missing important documents or not achieved required results in English Language test then chances are very slim to qualify.

Currently immigration to Australia, Canada and New Zealand is much easier and hassle free compare to other countries like UK & USA.

Well, at the end of the day, what you do, your qualifications and documents evidence has bigger say than anything else.


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