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Deciding to move from one country to another is life-changing decision, especially Australian immigration is tiring challenge. The actual process of moving house, packing your personal belongings, and tying up loose ends in your home country is often time consuming and stressful enough. Without adding the weight of applications of Australian Immigration and visa requirements. Immigration Australia and New Zealand Immigration laws can be difficult to maneuver for first time and experienced travelers alike.

JustEZI understands that Australian Immigration is a complex and delicate topic, regardless of the country you choose to move to, its always the same. That’s why our Australian Immigration team are customized to be as comprehensive or limited as you and your loved ones need.

Immigration to Australia Visas:

Australia Business Visas:

Australian Immigration allow businessmen (and women) the opportunity to work and invest in Australia. In order to attain an approved Australian business visa, there are specific criteria that must be met, and the nature of your business must be disclosed to the appropriate legal entity.

Australia Spouse Visas

For individuals who have a wife or fiance residing outside of Australia, Australian Immigration allow families to apply for Australian spouse visa to legally bring a significant other half into the country when their partner is already a citizen or resident.

Immigration to Australia Work Visas

Australian Immigration also allow business visas, work visas and can be obtained on a temporary or permanent basis and allow the applicant to legally work.

Australia Parent Visas

Australian Immigration also allow parents with more than half of their children living permanently in Australia, the parent visa allows parents to reside permanently within the country.

Australia Skilled Migrant Visa

Skilled Migrant Visa is the most popular way to Immigration to Australia. In this category Australian Immigration allow immigrants with in-demand, highly marketable skills to secure permanent residency within the country.


New Zealand Visas

For individuals who plan to permanently reside in New Zealand, permanent residential visas are required.

Perfect for businessmen and women interested in investing, retiring, or permanently residing within the country.


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