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Moving House is full of excitement or Stress full

We all know that moving house is really stressful part of our life, especially finding movers and packers Dubai is not an easy task. We are always worried about our expensive stuff which we bought over the years or got gifts from our loved ones. It is also very important that our personal stuff is not misplaced during moving.

Most of us simply type movers Dubai and start calling several companies without knowing that if movers and packers Dubai are really professional companies. Unfortunately, we only find out when stuff started breaking up into pieces or our expensive stuff start missing. Obviously it is literally impossible to know if everything is moved without breaking ino pieces or no surprises after moving service.

We all know moving in UAE is really not an easy task especially if you are with children. Then as a normal expat in Dubai & UAE how to find movers and packers Dubai who are not only professional but also cost effective. Well there is only one way, simply download justEZI Intelligent Mobile App and chose from over 50 movers Dubai.

justEZI only work with professional movers and packers Dubai who are rated highly by our existing customers which means you can trust their professional work. You will also enjoy upto 40% discount automatically due to being justEZI customers. Most importantly, justEZI offer money back guarantee if in case things didn’t go as smooth with movers Dubai recommended by justEZI.

Its justEZI policy to track everything from start to finish to make sure our customers received 5 star service from our partners. We make sure that movers and packers Dubai on our panel are ISO certified and they have proper procedure to handle complaint.

In general, most of the movers Dubai don’t bother to be ISO certified and their complaint handling procedure is way too unfair. Firstly, they never accept if it is their fault and secondly they will try to blame you for everything messed up by them. Our personal experience suggest that we should avoid hiring any movers and packers Dubai who are not ISO certified, although it will cost little extra but at least you have peace of mind that your expensive stuff or stuff we have memory with will be safe.

At the end justEZI money back guarantee and high rated partners can give you enough peace of mind to concentrate on other things related to moving house rather moving your valuable stuff.

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