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Household pests can be more than just annoying; but Pest Control Dubai and Pest Control Sharjah will make sure that pests are not detrimental to your home’s cleanliness and your family’s health. If a pest control issue is not addressed, they may take the opportunity to nest in your home, which can cause structural Damage, Drywall Damage, and lower the value of your home. Don’t let household pests take charge of your living space. justEZI’s pest control Dubai and Pest Control Sharjah are a fast and easy way to rid your home from pests in a safe and efficient manner. For a full list of our residential and commercial Pest control Dubai, take a look below.

Ant Removal: Pest Control Dubai and Pest Control Sharjah will not allow colony of ants taking refuge in your home and food in your fridge and pantry at risk. Ants travel in colonies that reach up to 500,000 individuals; because do-it-yourself ant removal generally only targets the ants you are able to physically see, hiring a professional is highly recommended.

Spider Removal: Spiders seek inside spaces to breed and protect themselves from severe temperatures. While the bite of a non-poisonous arachnids can simply be a lasting nuisance, the venom within other spiders can cause blistering, redness, and severe sickness to those they bite. Our spider removal services targets the areas of your home where spiders are most likely to linger, allowing you to sleep soundly without worries of being bitten.

Cockaroaches: Roaches are considered the epitimy of household pests. Lurking in dark corners of your home, it is unlikely to see a roach problem until it has grown out of control. Stop cockroaches from spreading disease and poisoning your food with justEZI’s professional cockroach removal services.

Bed Bug Removal: Bedbugs are unbelievably persistant pests known to infiltrate homes by hitchhiking on clothing, furniature, and linens purchased from a store or bought second-hand. Because a single bed-bug lays up to 500 eggs per day, and feed exclusively on bloog, these parasitic critters can turn a happy home into a miserable prison if not corrected immediately. Bed bugs are extremely persistent, and are essentially impossible to remove without professional assistance.

Termite Removal: Termites threaten the structural integrity of your home, causing support beams to weaken and furniature to rot if not corrected immediately. Our professional pest removal technicians use a variety of sprays, foams, and other industry tools to remove these critters from the wood of your home.

Rodent Control: Mice and rats may seek the warmth (or coolness) of your home during any time of the year. Rodents carry parasites, and can quickly transmit disease while chewing through walls and savanging for food. Don’t allow a rodent problem to become out of control. Our teams of professional pest removers use both fatal and non-fatal methods to remove rats and mice from your home, so you can sleep soundly.

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